Vanderwal Architects provides planning and design services for your project by engaging in a dialogue between the project team members: the owner, user, architect, consulting disciplines.

We examine, analyze and synthesize your particular project objectives, goals, parameters, and conditions.

We listen; we ask questions; we combine our design, planning, building knowledge and resources with your user and owner project requirements, objectives, and vision.

Working together, we can differentiate between the pertinent and the peripheral, and formulate the appropriate design response, realizing your project needs and goals in ways that are effective, functional and attractive solutions, and are a sensible and lasting investment in your future.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in project delivery and client service, and together create responsible and beautiful solutions to your work or living needs.

Design Basis

Each commission is a unique one. Unique clients and unique conditions. Therefore each project is a specific solution to a specific set of requirements and circumstances.

It is our goal and task to identify all pertinent aspects of a project and apply these these to a design program that is a road map for all participants to use towards a successful solution and completion of our services.

The basis for our designs, the common thread, is our ideology about what architecture is, can be, and should be:  The planning and design of spaces, environments, that are responsive to the occupants needs and uses.

There are four aspects to our design. Ideally these should be in balance with each other for a well planned and integrated solution: